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Filter Bags For Liquid Filtration

In the modern industrial age, liquid filtration is widely used in the production process.
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In the modern industrial age, liquid filtration is widely used in the production process. The working principle of liquid bag filter is pressure filtration.

Product Details

One whole liquid bag filter system consists of three parts: the filter container, the support basket and filter bag. The liquid is poured into the container from the top. Flows from inside to outside,uniformly distribute throughout the filter surface, particles are trapped in the bag, 100% non spill, easy human-oriented design, delicate overall structure, efficient operation with large quantity, long service life, is a leading energy-saving product in liquid filtration industry, applies to different filtration grade of any small particles or suspended solids.

1. Filtering system design should consider the following three factors: 

2. Filtration flow rate  

3. Media viscosity 

4. Filtration efficiency 

5. Combined with the process conditions (temperature, pressure, precision, dielectric properties, viscosity, flow rate, impurity type, concentration and size, etc.) and operating conditions (placed space, open form, planed cycle of changing bags, etc.) and cost estimates.

Includes the following different types

6. PO filter bag

7. PE filter bag

8. Nylon filter bag

9. LCR oil absorption filter bag

10. TXL membrane filter bag

11. Multi-layer high efficiency filter bag

12. TPF High temperature filter bag

13. Whole hot melt plastic ring filter bag

14. Five-thread overlocking steel ring filter bag

15. Flanged&non-standard filter bag

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