Liquid Filtration Bag

Liquid Filter Bag

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Wuxi Tr filtration Con, Ltd can supply the professional recommendation to choose the filter bag according to different working condition. Professional Liquid Filter Bag manufacturer.

Industrial Application

The main applications of bag filter

Includes the following different types 

1. PO filter bag

2. PE filter bag

3. Nylon filter bag

4. LCR oil absorption filter bag

5. TXL membrane filter bag

6. Multi-layer high efficiency filter bag

7. TPF High temperature filter bag

8. Whole hot melt plastic ring filter bag

9. Five-thread overlocking steel ring filter bag

10. Flanged&non-standard filter bag

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WUXI TR Filtration LTD is established in 2005. It's a professional manufacturer of kinds of filtration products. The engineer and his team have over 17 years of working experience for the filtration field.
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