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Top inlet cartridge dust collector

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Top inlet cartridge dust collector

With the increasingly stringent requirements of the state on emissions from all walks of life and the improvement of environmental awareness from all walks of life, many small and medium-sized enterprises have also begun to actively seek efficient waste gas treatment methods. 

Under such background, the filter barrel dust collector has become a new development direction of industrial dust collector with its characteristics of large effective filtration area, low pressure difference, small volume and long service life.

 For the filter cartridge filter, the distribution of internal flow field has an important influence on the dust removal efficiency and service life.

 At present, the filter cartridge filter mainly adopts the way of downward air inlet, and the air inlet is located in the transition position between the box body and the ash bucket.

 Many scholars under the ventilation type found in the study of cartridge filter, into the wind chamber type filter cartridge filter under the flow field distribution problem is more outstanding, although put forward all kinds of different methods to intervene in the flow field distribution of the flow field distribution uniformity has been increased greatly, but processing volume difference between different filter cartridge is still serious. Aiming at this problem, this paper puts forward a new kind of aspirant wind type filter cartridge filter, at the same time, adopt the method of numerical simulation analysis of flow field distribution inside the aspirant wind type filter cartridge filter condition, and with the intake of cartridge filter made a contrast, the results of the analysis found that the aspirant wind type filter cartridge dust collector in the secondary dust control, reduce airflow flushing action of filter cartridge and various filter cylinder under the flow distribution uniformity were superior to inlet air filter cartridge dust collector.

 It is found that because of the box structure, the air volume of the box near the four corners of the middle box is obviously higher than that of other boxes. Moreover, the box space utilization ratio is lower in the square box structure when installing the filter box.

In order to change this situation, we use the circular box structure, and analyze the flow field of the circular box filter, the results show that the circular box filter has higher space utilization ratio and more uniform flow field distribution than the square box filter. 

Finally, in determining the round the aspirant wind of structure of the filter cartridge dust collector compared to square enclosure structure under ventilation type filter cartridge dust collector has a great progress, further explores the filter inlet size, the layout of guide plate and the reasonable choice of the scattering device and arrangements for the influence of the flow field distribution uniformity of cartridge filter, looking for a better solution to make the flow field distribution is more homogeneous.

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