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Automatic on-line continuous filtration, using dual cylinder drive disk cleaning system.
Use a spring-loaded cleaning disc to move up and down the filter element to remove the collected residue.

Working principle

The liquid is filtered from top to bottom and from the core to the outside. The residue remains on the surface of the filter element and is easily removed and collected to the collection chamber. In the descending process, all the filter residue is removed by the disc to the collection room. In the ascending process, the disc removes the filter residue from the surface of the filter element, and then the fluid drives the filter residue through the disc and into the collection room.

1.Automatic on-line continuous filtration is adopted to meet the requirements of process automation;
2.Compressed air drive, safe and explosion-proof;
3.Mechanical cleaning of permanent filter mesh long service life, high filtration accuracy, good anti-corrosion performance;
4.Reduce the risk of operator exposure to dangerous substances, reduce environmental pollution, reduce the demand for labor without replacing the filter;
5.Improve the profitability of the overall efficiency, reduce the downtime maintenance period;
6.The design of space saving is compact and covers a small area;
7.The collection, discharge of filter residue without shutdown.

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