Liquid Bag Filter Housing

Pleated Micron Filter Housing For Liquid Filtration

TXT filter housing , not bag liquid filtration.
Melt-blown,wire-wound and folding cartridges adopted to the filter elements.
Multi-cartridge filtration,enhance interception efficiency
Used in beverage,medicine,chemical and other industries
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Bag filter for liquid filtration using a variety of high-quality stainless steel (304, 316, 316L) and special metal materials, both inside and outside the filter surface using fine polished high pressure sand blasting, laser perforated filter basket.

Product Features

Computer molding to form a smooth surface to reduce the wall filter residues in the process of reducing resistance, increase the filtration efficiency, the rational allocation of part of the seal and support. Matching bag standard, fast replacement, easy to clean, low operating costs. 


Bag filter for liquid filtration has different specification: a single bag  ( 01#, 02#, 03#, 04#, jacket-style (heated), multi-bag (up to 12 bags ) filters, to meet different needs. Complete product-related accessories, to meet the various industrial fields. 

Ptimized sealing effect and effect filtration space, easy operation.  


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