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Product characteristics of air filter element

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Product characteristics of air filter element

Modern automobile engine using paper air filter is more and more common, but there are still some drivers on the paper air filter bias, that the paper air filter filter is not good filtering effect. 

In fact, paper core air filter and oil bath type air filter compared with more advantages: one is the filtration efficiency of up to 99.5% (oil bath type air filter is 98%), dust transmission rate is only 0.1% - 0.3%; 

Second, the structure is compact, can be installed in any direction, not limited by the layout of vehicle parts;

 Third, the maintenance does not consume oil, but also can save a lot of cotton yarn, felt and metal materials and other substances; Fourth, small quality and low cost. 

Therefore, the driver can rest assured to use. The key to use a good paper core air filter is to maintain its sealing performance, so that unfiltered air does not enter the engine cylinder from the bypass.

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